2015 Was a Great Year

  • ESCCO celebrated 20 years of service to nonprofits in Central Oklahoma
  • ESCCO, celebrated the contributions of our founder, Bill Phillips, upon his retirement.
  • ESCCO consultants helped the Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma implement their new volunteer tracking data system. The Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma serves girls in 39 counties.
  • An ESCCO IT expert assisted the Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation, the support arm for the Oklahoma City Boathouse District in the software selection that will organize all these volunteers and their activities.
  • An ESCCO management team created for Jesus House, Bill Phillips Award winner, a fundraising plan, ideas for several of special events, suggestions for program focus and provided mentoring for their new executive director.
  • A 2014 ESCCO project, the Oklahoma City Orchestra League will be presented the Award of Excellence from the Volunteer Council of the League of American Orchestras for its project, “You’re Never too Old to Start over – The ESCCO Project.”
  •  ESCCO created and beta tested a new product: Organizational Focus Workshop which is a structured, facilitated exercise designed to assist a nonprofit organization to identify and prioritize the most critical issues they face and develop an action plan to address them.
  • ESCCO received a nomination for the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits One Award, in recognition of its management excellence.
  • ESCCO through its services to nonprofits impacted the lives of thousands of Oklahomans.

None of this would have been possible without

 the support of donors like you.