ESCCO Mission


To provide professional volunteer management consulting and support services to nonprofit organizations, schools, and government agencies.


ESCCO (Executive Service Corps of Central Oklahoma) was founded in 1995 by visionary leaders who decided a business brain trust existed in Central Oklahoma throughout the corporate, civic and academic worlds that, if tapped, could greatly serve the nonprofit community.

We provide value to many different types of nonprofit organizations, including schools and government entities.

Many of ESCCO consultants are retired and have a more flexible schedule to share their vast experiences with organizations that seek to make our community a better place for all. Some are not retired and, together, offer their time to “pay it forward.”

We are proud that we have helped over 120 clients, including organizations such as the OKC Boathouse Foundation, Jesus House, and the OKC Ballet, among others. Some of the projects covered board development, volunteer management, marketing planning, finance, human resources and business management.


Project consulting focuses on specific management needs of a nonprofit organization

Management Review provides a comprehensive and independent review of a nonprofit organization

Executive Coaching/Advising assists executive directors to better manage and lead.

Organizational Focus Workshop is a structured, facilitated exercise designed to assist a nonprofit organization identify and prioritize the most critical issues the organization faces and to develop an action plan to address them.

Organizational Coach Program is designed to help an executive director and board work through organizational transition or strengthening issues.

Nonprofit Structural Change facilitates conversations about potential affiliations between nonprofits, and if these prove fruitful, to assure a smooth transition that creates a stronger, more efficient delivery of services. 

Strategic Partnerships will format strategic partnerships to address similarities and overlap of services among nonprofits.


ESCCO’s administrative expenses are funded through individual gifts, corporate gifts, foundation grants and consulting project contracts with nonprofit entities. Since we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, all donations are tax deductible.

Also, funding organizations may designate a project with a specific nonprofit.