Sponsor FAQ

What makes ESCCO stand out?

Look at the impressive list of sponsors who generously and repeatedly support our programs. Look at the non-profit groups who have been helped by our project teams. Look at the numerous and talented volunteers who serve as our consultants It is a venerable “who’s who” of organizations, individuals and business supporters who lend their talents and their reputations to support our mission.

Who are ESCCO supporters?

Since 1995, the corporate and philanthropic community has generously supported us. Donations, grants and other funding mechanisms such as endowments ensure we remain a healthy and vibrant 501 (c) (3) organization where every dollar given pays it forward to make another non-profit organization successful in its mission.

Why should a corporation or individual support ESCCO?

The most important work we do is to bring business models to the nonprofit industry. We know how important this is as many of us have many years involvement in the nonprofit sector. So many organizations have a strong passion for their mission, which is very important, but have not had the opportunity for business training. We provide this experience for them. The businesses which fund us do so because they have a great interest in each of the nonprofits succeeding.

What programs are covered by my sponsorship?

ESCCO projects have included management areas such as:

  • Board Development
  • Volunteer Management programs
  • Marketing Plan development
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Business Management
  • Technology Assessment

What is the first step?

A Management Review provides a comprehensive, independent, examination of a nonprofit organization.  It is designed to make actionable recommendations to improve the overall effectiveness of the organization.

What are the dividends of becoming a sponsor?

Donors want a return on their investment. Sponsors make it possible for nonprofit organizations to learn from our Project Teams, helping them work smarter and better. This returns a stronger organization to the community and, therefore, improves their assistance to underserved groups. Sponsors are recognized through our publicity and marketing efforts. In addition, ESCCO is a nonprofit organization itself which helps other nonprofits.