Current Projects


Armed Services YMCA

ESCCO is conducting an OFW for the Armed Forces YMCA at Fort Sill.


Health Alliance for Uninsured

The Health Alliance for the Uninsured has asked ESCCO to conduct an Organizational Focus Workshop. This will be their third project with ESCCO.


Parents Helping Parents

Parents Helping Parents (PHP) is a coordinating and support entity, whose role is to assist parents dealing with addicted family members through local chapters across the state of Oklahoma.

PHP has asked ESCCO to assist them in helping develop a business plan that will guide their growth and maturation.


CityRep II

CityRep has asked ESCCO to work with them as an organizational coach as they prepare for their future.


Donor Snap Implementation

Many small nonprofits are facing a similar challenge of managing their contact and donor information with tools that may not be up to the task. The issues involved in transitioning and configuring a new replacement system are similar across organizations, For local nonprofits that choose Donor Snap, ESCCO through a group project is providing assistance in planning and implementing this transition.


Recently Completed Projects

Focus on Home

Focus on Home is the 2018 Bill Phillips Award winner.  ESCCO will be working with them to help them achieve their goal of establishing themselves with the resources and and capacity to meet the needs of their client base.


JH (Junior Hospitality)

JH (Junior Hospitality) has engaged ESCCO to assist them in becoming a more vibrant organization.


Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art

Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art located in Shawnee has asked ESCCO to review their organization, offerings and marketing and make recommendations on how they can better serve their existing and potential patrons.


Oklahoma City Girls Art School

ESCCO is conducting an OFW for the Oklahoma City Girls Art School


Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy

ESCCO is conducting an Organizational Focus Workshop for OICA


The Recovery Center

ESCCO has conducted an Organizational Focus Workshop for The Recovery Center


Upward Transitions II

ESCCO is conducting an Organizational Focus Workshop with Upward Transitions


Whiz Kids

Whiz Kids is working with ESCCO to build board and staff strategies as they work to implement their new strategic plan for growth and improvement.


St Marys School

ESCCO is conducting an Organizational Focus Workshop with St. Mary's School


Best Friends of Pets

Best Friends of Pets has requested ESCCO to assist them in developing a business plan and funding model to migrate from a volunteer operated agency to a sustainable organization with a paid staff, with adequate support to meet the need from low income households to spay/neuter their pets.



This is the 2016 Bill Phillips Award winner. a four year old organization that provides a unique opportunity for recycling donated youth athletic equipment so that less fortunate kids can participate in team athletic activities.  They also provide volunteer opportunities for high school age students to give back to their community.

The ESCCO team will be working with Cleats-4-Kids to help them develop processes and procedures that will allow them to manage their growth to meet the unmet need they have identified.


Edmond Family Counseling

Edmond Family Counseling is a well established human service support organization with the mission of improving lives in their community through counseling and educational programs for students, individuals and families.

As they face the same challenges as other state funded social service agencies they are also transitioning to a new executive director., They have requested ESCCO's to assist them in developing a business plan that will allow them to more efficiently meet the needs of the Edmond community as they move forward.


Oklahoma City Orchestra League - OFW

The Orchestra League has asked ESCCO to conduct an Organizational Focus Workshop with them.


Ambassabors' Choir II

Ambassadors' has asked ESCCO to assist them in evaluating a "new" performance “home” at the community auditorium at the historic Douglass-Page-Woodson school.


Boathouse Foundation IV

This is ESCCO's fourth project with the Boathouse Foundation., This time they have asked us to help them, create a framework on which they can build an ongoing, robust volunteer program., They are looking for a three-year plan mapping development of the Volunteer Initiative to include:

  1. Identification of specific areas in which we need volunteers
  2. Development of a volunteer recruitment plan
  3. Development of an ongoing volunteer recognition program
  4. Development of volunteer training materials

Camp Fire II

ESCCO is helping Camp Fire to clarify the definition of thier programs; identify and market  the compelling reasons why Camp Fire is unique and a valuable asset for  youth and parents. Identify and market  to our core customers and their needs; identify our competitive  groups; identify any collaborative partners and the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of our current programs



City Care II

City Care has asked ESCCO to assist them in the development of a Strategic Plan.


Impact Oklahoma

The leadership of Impact Oklahoma has asked ESCCO to assist them in developing a strategic direction for the organization including:

  • Review of potential duties, responsibilities and funding for an executive director
  • Expanding the membership
  • Developing an approach for board development

Jesus House

Jesus House is the 2015 recipient of ESCCO’s Bill Phillips Award., This award provides Jesus house with a tailored package of services that best meets their current needs., It includes:

  • Executive Director coaching
  • Review and identification of any critical organizational gaps
  • Assistance in the development of a fundraising plan

OKC Ballet II

ESCCO is conducting an Organizational Focus Workshop with the OKC Ballet


Center of Family Love II

The Center of Family Love has requested ESCCO to undertake an additional project.  This one is focused on reviewing and evaluating their administrative processes.  The goal is to develop recommendations that will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their procedures.  In addition, they have asked ESCCO to review how their costs of operations compare to similar organizations.


Edmond Mobile Meals

Edmond Mobile Meals is the 2013 Bill Phillips Award Winner.  ESCCO will be providing them a complimentary Management Consulting engagement to assist them as they plan for thier future.  Looking at:

  • Financial  planning
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing
  • Board and volunteer recruitment
  • Facility and equipment  growth.

Urban Mission II

ESCCO was asked by Urban Mission to assist them by conducting an Organizational Focus Workshop.


Girl Scouts

The Girl Scouts have asked ESCCO to assist them in mapping thier internal process as they transition to a new platform to support thier volunteers and members.


Payne Education Center

ESCCO is assisting Payne Education in developing a 5-year business plan that will allow them to meet the challenge of assisting educators in Oklahoma effectively teach students with dyslexia.



City Rep Theatre

ESCCO's project is focused on assisting Oklahoma CIty Repertory Theatre:

  • Integrate finacial record keeping
  • Board recruitment and development
  • Strategic plan update
  • Board retreat for planning

Family Builders

Analyze program delivery systems and internal processes to identify any redundancies, duplication of efforts or unnecessary procedures and make recommendations on ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our service delivery.

Review governance and development processes to improve and strengthen our board.


Free to Live

ESCCO is providing the Executive Director with an executive coach.


Health Alliance for the Uninsured

ESCCO's has been asked to assist HAU in developing metrics for measuring outcomes for the services HAU coordinates on behalf of low-income, uninsured persons referred for diagnostic testing, specialty consultations and /or surgery.


Oklahoma Lawyers for Children

The ESCCO team conducted a general Management Review and identified two areas of focus:

  1. Board structure and effectiveness
  2. Marketing and community awareness

Specific reccommendations were developed for board recruitment, training and operations.  Encouraged the organization to specifically identify stakeholder groups and craft messages appropriate for each group. Purposed possible next steps to help broaden the funding base and increase visability in the community.



Senior Law Center

ESCCO is providing the Executive Director with an executive coach.


Shakespeare in the Park

Shakespeare in the Park exists to provide Oklahoma with quality stage productions in unique and exciting environments at a reasonable price and to develop cultural growth in Oklahoma through classical and theatrical projects


Skyline Urban Ministry

ESCCO's team conducted a Management Review with a specific focus on:

  • Board structure and operation
  • Planning activities
  • Marketing activities
  • Fundraising
  • Volunteer management
  • Review of current programs

Good Shepherd - OFW

  ESCCO is conducting an Organizational Focus Workshop with Good Shepherd.


Upward Transitions

Upwards Transitions requested assistance in determining how they could best utilize resources, evaluate programs, prioritize tasks, and determine overall effectiveness and efficiency.  ESCCO conducted a Management Review with a focus on:

  • Marketing Program Review
  • Program Evaluation
  • Fundraising
  • Board Operations

North OKC Soccer

ESCCO is working with the North OKC Soccer Club to provide analysis and guidance on the makeup of the board, roles and responsibilities within the organization as it develops its facilities and program to meet its long-term objectives.


Oklahoma Primary Care

Our assignment::

To help PCA develop a plan or business model that identifies how PCA may be able to either become a self-sustaining business style organization or diversify to generate sizeable sources of income other than from the Federal Government.  The PCA is seeking to reduce their revenue dependency on the Federal Government.


Positive Tomorrows

ESCCO's project was a study of thier administrative processes with the objective of helping Positive Tomorrows become a more efficient organization.

The Positive Tomorrows model is unique – there were essentially no other organizations with identical mission and funding in this country.

The two most important contributions by the ESCCO team were to affirm the perceptions and planning by the Executive Director with respect to much of the current “management direction” and to offer – through the good offices of Devon (the study sponsor) some specific training to the Positive Tomorrows staff.

The written recommendations contained both observations and detailed advice regarding organizational culture and practices.  In addition, specific recommendations were made as to how best practices could be used to improve management of  volunteers.


Rebuilding Together

Rebuilding Together is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.   Their mission is to provide repair and upkeep services to the elderly and disabled, so that they can stay in their homes.  Probably they are best know for their famous "work day" which has been supported by as many as 4000 volunteers.


Ballet Oklahoma

This project was funded by The Allied Arts Foundation of Oklahoma
The mission of the project is to address a variety of potential topics including:

1. Performance attendance building
2. Financial performance
3. Fund raising and endowment

The project has been successfully completed.  Many changes have been made and the Ballet will be presenting new and exciting changes to their audiences.


Ambassadors' Concert Choir

ESCCO's project is focused on assisting the Ambassadors achieve:

  • Financial stability and budget strength to meet Choir's needs
  • Board engagement, vitality & diversity
  • Staffing needs
  • Marketing strategies

Birth Choice

Birth Choice of Oklahoma has asked ESCCO to assist them with the finacial analysis of alternative program options.


Boys and Girls Club

ESCCO is working with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Oklahoma County  to develop a marketing plan that will share the story of their growth initiatives and encourage potential funders and volunteers to become a part of their expanding services in South Oklahoma City.


City Care

City Care has asked ESCCO to assist them:

Evaluate their organizational efficiency with emphasis on:

  • Accounting
  • HR

Identify strategies to improve and strengthen overall organizational management and efficiency


Neighboorhood Service Organization

ESCCO is providing the Executive Director with an executive coach.


OKC Public Schools

OKC Public Schools has asked ESCCO to review and evaluate

  • Recruiting and hiring processes,
  • Systems and resources supporting the processes,
  • Input of employee master data, and
  • Develop recommendations to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes.

Oklahoma History Center

Project One: Escco consultants and community volunteers in concert with OHC staff members studied and evaluated the 10 dining "Primary Dining Venues" to be available for their potential private revenue producing capacities at the new Oklahoma History Center. Following the evaluation, recommendations were made and implemented for a system of continuous marketing for the 10 dining venues, including the recommendation and implementation of a software program to track the entire new system. Money was raised to pay for the software during the project. All of the Escco recommendations were implemented.


Oklahoma Outreach Foundation

The objectives of ESCCO’s project were to address three areas for the foundation.

Improved marketing strategies for the Foundation and school
Establishing a Parent/Alumni Association
Compiling information for possible association with Charter School and/or  United Way groups



ESCCO is working with Possibilities to review programs, funding sources and communications opportunities to raise awareness and the value of Possibilities to the community.


CASA of Oklahoma County

ESCCO is providing the Executive Director with an executive coach.


Harn Homestead

ESCCO is providing the Executive Director with an executive coach.


Health Alliance for the Uninsured

ESCCO is providing the Executive Director with an executive coach.


Operation Homefront

ESCCO is providing the Executive Director with an executive coach.


Family Builders

ESCCO is providing the Executive Director with an executive coach.