Strategic Partnerships

Need for Project

  • Traditional funding sources for a wide range of nonprofits have been significantly impacted by reduced state budgets and reduced contributions from financially stressed energy companies.
  • In this recessionary environment, the demand for services from the nonprofit community will likely grow.
  • Agencies that are under these stresses do not have the internal resources to do more than struggle to “keep the doors open”

Project Objective

  • Provide analysis, guidance and leadership to support community nonprofits in identifying opportunities for working more effectively together in the delivery of their services

Project Execution

ESCCO’s role is that of a facilitator to provide the forum and the analysis to support the participating organizations as they identify and work through the opportunities for improved performance

  • Identify a project leadership committee
  • Committee members would be drawn from funding organizations and key nonprofit leaders in the community
  • Based upon the recommendation of the Leadership Committee, an initial opportunity will be identified
  • Nonprofit organizations that provide services in the identified opportunity area will be invited to join in an in-depth review of the opportunity and explore possible partnerships

Project Time Horizon

The initial phase of establishing the Leadership Committee and identifying the first opportunity area may take up to 12 months

The second phase of identifying the organizations and conducting the review and analysis of what can be done and the expected results may take another 6 months.

  • Implementation of any suggested changes will need to be compatible with the program calendar of the participating organizations

If this approach is successful in addressing the first opportunity area, successive additional opportunities will be addressed.

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