Becoming a Consultant FAQ

Who are the ESCCO Consultants?

Most of our consultants are retired professionals and executives who want to give back to the community by using their experience, skills and talent. A few volunteers are not yet retired and offer particular skills on projects.

What do consultants do?

Our consultants work on project teams. Each project generally lasts around four months (100 hours) meaning that each consultant might only be involved in two projects a year, depending on schedules and other activities. Consultants participate on teams with other consultants. Many of the issues we target are “people” issues, which require team members who are willing to interact, ask good questions and follow-up.

How are consultants selected?

Potential consultants contact us and participate in an application process including an interview.

What if volunteers do not have specific experience as a “consultant”?

All consultants have valuable expertise to offer from their own careers and experiences. Our purpose is to match those skills with a nonprofit group that needs help, making the consultancy role a natural.

How many consultants do you have?

We like to have a cadre of at least 30-40 active consultants. We are always on the lookout to add new consultants to our roster.

What skill sets do you prefer?

We are open to any senior-level person, retired or otherwise, who can bring a breadth of experience in any field, from human resources to marketing, from finance to technology.

How much are consultants paid?

Our consultants are all volunteers and receive no compensation.

What is the process?

Most projects include a team of two to four members. After the team is selected, our consultants begin working with the nonprofit client. A team leader guides the process and helps with final reports and recommendations.

What training is provided to consultants?

In addition to regular training sessions and orientations for consultants, we have an annual ESSCO meeting for consultants, trustees, donors and clients.