What Our Consultants Say

“We are not in it for ourselves.   …We get more satisfaction out of helping clients who sometimes just need outside validation or some tools to become more efficient to do great things.”

-- Jack Fesler,    ESSCO chairman

CFO (Ret), Hillshire Farms Group, Sara Lee Corp.


“You can’t teach heart, but you can teach business.  Our ESSCO clients can move mountains, and we just help them with their wheels, so they can move those mountains easier.”

-- Lois Jennings,    Senior, ESCCO Consultant

 AT&T Engineer (Ret)


“Why do I get excited about being an ESCCO consultant? Because I can get involved in the hands on work of helping nonprofits.  It’s great to use my experience from the corporate world to assist organizations.  I also enjoy the opportunity to work in a team and produce a final product.”

-- Marian J. Moon,    ESCCO Consultant

Executive Vice President (Ret),  Devon Energy Corp.