Executive Director Coaching

Our Executive Coaching/Advising Program provides executive directors of nonprofits with one-on-one access to an experienced professional who can challenge and support them as they enhance their managerial and leadership skills.

Program Objectives

The objective of this program is to assist the client in achieving the knowledge and personal changes needed to become a more effective leader.


  • New executive directors
  • Executive Directors who want to engage in an individual self-improvement program

How the Program Works

  • A client’s individual consultant is selected from our pool of experienced professionals based upon any specific functional area needs and their personal compatibility.
  • A consulting agreement is formalized between the client and the consultant, identifying the specific areas of focus, the necessary commitment of the client and the consultant’s expected activities.
  • The typical consulting contract specifies periodic client meetings with supplemental communication between meetings as the need arises. The agreement usually specifies a one to one-and-a-half hour meeting every other week over six months.

Potential Focus

  • Based upon the needs and background of the client, a particular area of emphasis might be:
  • Time management
  • Financial planning or management
  • Leadership skills
  • Managing relationships with the board or employees
  • Supervision and evaluation of employees and volunteers
  • Marketing to donors, volunteers or clients

Coaching/Advising Encourages a New Perspective

Active client engagement allows the consultant to observe, encourage, suggest and challenge.  Working one-on-one with a consultant provides the focused guidance that encourages the behavioral changes needed to accomplish the client’s goals.