Facilitate Structural Change

Need for Project

  • Traditional funding sources for a wide range of nonprofits have been significantly impacted by reduced state budgets and reduced contributions from financially stressed energy companies.
  • Some organizations, though they could “struggle on”, may wish to let someone else take the lead
  • This may be associated with the retirement of an ED or the passing of a significant funder
  • Some fiscally unsound organizations will close
  • Consolidating or merging may provide an option for continuing some of their high value programs

Project Objective

ESCCO’s objective is to assist these organizations in “smoothing” their realignment and service offerings.

Project Execution

ESCCO’s role is that of a facilitator to share with candidate organizations best practices and provide third-party leadership of critical discussions

  • ESCCO will review nonprofit and business sector models of successful merger techniques. Specifically to address:
  • Methods to maintain or improve service delivery;
  • Processes to unite diverse organizational cultures;
  • Development of an accurate budget for the merger/consolidation
  • Plans for clear communications
  • Realistic development of timeline for merger/consolidation

ESCCO will establish a project leadership group drawn from funding organizations and key nonprofit leaders in the community

  • They will identify nonprofits that are faltering
  • They will provide ongoing perspective through periodic reviews of the progress of consolidation discussions
  • They will provide the “funding clout” that may be needed to encourage consolidation

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