Project Consulting

Key Elements of an ESCCO Team Consulting Project

Project Identification

The staff regularly meets with potential clients and funding organizations to identify potential projects where consultants could help. When a client and funding source have been identified, the first step is the completion by the client of a Request for Assistance.  This request initiates the consulting process and provides the information needed to begin assembling a project team.

Identification of Team Leader

The Team Leader is responsible for developing the Statement of Work, maintaining communication with the client, organizing project meetings, delegating specific tasks to team members and keeping the project on track. Team Leaders are selected on the basis of their skills and knowledge relative to the needs of the client and their willingness to serve.

Identification of Team Members

Consultants are asked to join teams based upon their availability, the skill set needs of the project and their interest in the client.

Statement of Work

The Statement of Work is the formal document that identifies what we are going to do -- the deliverables -- and the cooperation and commitment needed from the client in order for the project to be successfully completed.

Project Summary Memo

At the conclusion of each project, the Team Leader provides a memo to the Director of Consulting Services. Topics that may be appropriate for the memo include: Amount of consultant time (hours) spent on the project, specific challenges faced, significant accomplishments, key contributions made by consultants and others, lessons learned and possible follow-up projects